Entry Door Paddle Handles 4″ X 3″


Safertouch™ antimicrobial Paddle Handle wraps are a simple and effective barrier to keep public and workplace entry doors free of microbial contamination. The entire film contains an optimized antimicrobial agent designed to provide continuous protection at the surface. This keeps common touch points cleaner and helps reduce the anxiety associated with returning to normal everyday operations.

The film can be replaced every 6 months and is easily removed, leaving no residue.

Dimensions: 4″ X 3″

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SaferTouch™ antimicrobial film is an effective barrier designed to protect critical touch points like door handles, touch screens and more. The product provides a cleaner surface and prevents the buildup of microorganisms. The film is designed for public areas, offices, break rooms, facilities and a variety of additional applications for lasting surface protection.

The film can be replaced every 90 days and is easily removed, leaving no residue. It provides the following benefits:

  • Prevents buildup of microbes
  • Lasting surface protection
  • Easily applied and removed
  • Effective for public areas and the workplace
  • Durable and washable
  • Reduces touch anxiety
  • Protects delicate electronic components

SaferTouch™ is available in a variety of protective products for your application, including tapes and films. In addition, large-format sheets/rolls can be supplied for further onsite customization or fit to your unique uses.

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L Shaped Door Handle Size

Large Interior L-Shape LEFT Facing, Medium, Interior L-Shape LEFT Facing, Small Interior L-Shape LEFT Facing, Large Interior L-Shape RIGHT Facing, Medium Interior L-Shape RIGHT Facing, Small Interior L-Shape RIGHT Facing


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