Use of Safertouch™ Products

Safertouch products are intended to provide a physical barrier for high touch surfaces. With their unique color, texture and high visibility, they help highlight key areas —termed fomites, to help ensure they are disinfected regularly using EPA registered disinfectants and sanitizers. They are NOT intended to sanitize or disinfect person’s hands, nor do they replace the use of routine disinfectants and sanitizers. They do not replace personal hygiene practices such as hand washing.

Safertouch products are ‘treated articles’ as defined by the EPA. They contain registered antimicrobials to protect the product itself from microbial degradation. Furthermore, no public health claims can be made with these products.

Safertouch products are fully compliant with the EPA treated Article Exemption. The dual-active, registered antimicrobials that we employ are highly effective at preventing degradation of our films. No surface film product on the market is approved by the EPA to make public health claims in this capacity. If you are unsure about what you are using, please ask us. We have years of experience with the EPA and regulatory requirements.

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