Touchscreen Awareness Sticker 6″ x 9″


Our largest Awareness Cling was created for use in break rooms, lobbies and other locations where you, your customers or your employees use touch screens. It’s made to let people know where it’s safe to touch and how to get more information on the benefits of our Safertouch products. Use this cling to help your customers and employees feel more reassured.

It comes with a QR code that can be scanned using any mobile phone’s camera and will take the user to our website to learn more about our products.

6″ x 9″

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All of our Awareness Clings are made to raise awareness and reassure your customers and/or employees. They should be used to draw attention to the areas that have been made safer by our products.

The clings can be used in multiple situations. However, some are more suited for certain applications. Be sure to read all of the text before making your purchase.

They are removable and safe for most surfaces. Please test a corner before applying.

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