Using Antimicrobial Door Handles that Resist Contamination

Antimicrobial door handle wrapAntimicrobial door handles help highlight high touchpoint areas that are susceptible to surface contamination by bacteria and other microorganisms. Whether you knew it or not, antimicrobial door handles have been used for quite some time. For centuries, door handles were traditionally made from solid copper or brass. The reason is that heavy metals have an effect on microbes. In fact, even the ancient Egyptians were aware of this some 4000 years ago. They used copper to treat drinking water and even used it to keep wounds from infecting. This effect of heavy metals on microbes is called ‘oligodynamic action‘.

In years past, people realized the benefit of having solid brass or copper doorknobs. Even copper was used in pots and pans. This helped to control the spread of household contamination given the lack of modern day antibacterials and disinfectants. Today however, doorknobs are short from being solid copper or brass. They’re usually plated to cut down on cost. Handles are now stainless steel or aluminum, and do little to control bacteria. Our antimicrobial door handles help visualize areas that should be disinfected. They do not and are not made to protect or disinfect people’s hands that touch them. They are not intended to replace routine use of EPA approved disinfectants.

The Need for Bacterial Control on Door Handles

We’ve previously discussed fomites, or the inanimate objects that collect bacteria. The fact is, door handles, railings, door knobs, faucets, and many other objects harbor the growth of bacteria and microorganisms. People touching these contaminated surfaces will surely pick it up and spread it to other surfaces. That’s how multi-surface transmission occurs. Now imagine unwashed hands. Imagine them coming from a public bathroom. You can see where this is headed. Hence the need for surface contamination control such as disinfection using EPA approved sanitizers. This is where SaferTouch™ antimicrobial door handles come in. They help highlight these areas so that routine disinfection can be carried out.

Antimicrobial door handle bacterial growth

Bacillus sp. growing on kitchen sponge (1,000x)
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In addition, the average workplace or household contains hundreds, possibly thousands of touch points (fomites) that can collect and help to spread bacteria. Recognizing the surfaces to be protected is the first step in helping to reduce growth. Keep in mind, office buildings, workplaces, hotels, schools and universities will contain an exponentially larger number of surfaces. These surfaces can be highlighted with SaferTouch™ antimicrobial door handles, tapes and films. These products contain EPA registered antimicrobials to protect the film from such contamination. The products are remarkable in resisting bacterial growth on the film and in combination with normal disinfection protocols, are another step in reducing overall contamination.

How to Use SaferTouch Antimicrobial Door Handles

Our antimicrobial door handles are designed for easy use and installation. They are used to identify handles and help users disinfect the very contamination discussed above. Once applied, the film will resist growth will last for months (we recommend changing them every 6 months minimum). While the antimicrobial handles aren’t meant to replace hand washing and personal hygiene, they are able to highlight the surface so that routine disinfection can keep surfaces cleaner in-between cleanings.

SaferTouch Handle Wrap
Antimicrobial Paddle Handles 4x3 blue
Push bar handle with safertouch film

TouchPoint Science is dedicated to the advancement of antimicrobial door handles, tapes and films.  Scientific expertise and decades of industry experience separate us from the competition. No other door handle covers, films or antibacterial tapes can compare in terms of effectiveness and longevity. Our films resist degradation by contaminants and are meant to help highlight key touchpoint areas. Please contact our technical staff if you have any questions regarding SaferTouch products™ and you’ll benefit from our vast knowledge. Call us at (470) 300-9804 or use the convenient form below.